Sensible strength training is your path the long term health. Through a series of safe and controlled weight exercises, you will not only fight muscle loss, but you will build a sensible amount of muscle mass that increases your chance for total fitness.

  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Reduced body fat
  • Reduced arthritic pain
  • Reduced lower back pain and injury


This complete circuit strength training program is your path to total cardio health. Combining weight and endurance training into one program has been proven to yield better results in less time.

  • Increased resting metabolic rate
  • Increased glucose metabolism
  • Increased blood lipid levels
  • Increased gastrointestinal transit time
  • Reduced chance of adult onset diabetes


The Change Total Fitness System is the only program of its kind that includes stretching for increased flexibility in newly developed muscles. Our experienced fitness trainer has worked with several programs throughout San Diego and through his expert observation and close relation with his clients has seen better results and more after-work out comfort since adding stretching to his routine.

  • Increased flexibility in new muscle mass
  • Reduced after-work out burn